Cat Care

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Cat Care Price List*

Nail Trim $20
Nail Cap Application (Soft Paws) $35
Follow up Soft Paw Application $25
Flea Treatment* $20
Medication Administering $15
Worming Treatment* $20

Monthly Health Package $55

Includes a monthly service of nail trimming, flea treatment, worming (every 3rd month), ear and eye clean

Litter Tray Maintenance $40

This service includes two visits per week. Soiled litter removed and full litter clean out provided if needed. Price based on 2 cat household and 2 litter trays per household. Litter can be provided at client’s expense

*Addresses within 15kms of Elizabeth Grove prices as stated above.

Addresses from 15-25kms of Elizabeth Grove incur a $5 travel fee.

Addresses from 25-35kms of Elizabeth Grove incur a $10 travel fee.

*Flea and worming products not included in price but can be supplied at client’s expense.