Cat Sitting

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Cat Sitting Price List*

Furkids Pet Services are strong advocates for keeping cats safe in their own environment. Boarding catteries are highly stressful on felines and can introduce your cats to unwanted bacteria and disease such as cat flu.

Furkids Pet Services offer a professional daily 45 minute minimum cat sitting service. This service includes but is not limited to feeding, water refreshing, litter tray cleaning and replacement when needed, medication administration (if required) and enrichment for your feline friend in the way of play and affection.

1 Daily 45 Minute Visit $30*

If you would like us to visit your cat(s) twice a day for 45 minutes each session we can ensure the curtains are opened and drawn for your cat each day and for your higher energy breeds that they are meeting their daily required exercise needs.

2 x 45 Minute Daily Visits $50*

The other services we offer are mail collection, watering indoor or outdoor pot plants, plus all of our services can be tailored to meet your family’s needs so don’t hesitate to ask for a quote to have service tailored to your needs in your area.

Daily pictures will be taken while we visit and emailed or texted to your phone for peace of mind.

*Prices are based on a maximum 2 cat household, please contact us for a quote on larger cat households

**Addresses within 15kms of Elizabeth Grove prices as stated above.

Addresses from 15-25kms of Elizabeth Grove incur a $5 travel fee.

Addresses from 25-35kms of Elizabeth Grove incur a $10 travel fee.